• A. Pro Artist Tape
  • B. Copic Set (better than Micron)
  • C. Higgins, Black Magic, Black Ink
  • D. Soft eraser, for large areas
  • E. Xacto Knife for making stencils
  • F. Basic HB mechanical, great for sketching
  • G. Basic ball point pen, great for sketching
  • H. Zebra, felt tip pen (I only found in Japan)
  • I. Pentel Brush Pen, great for small designs
  • J. Pentel Color Brush Pen, great for bigger areas
  • K. Nibs and holder set, great for hatch work
  • L. Dahle, portable mechanical lead sharpener
  • M. Pencil extender, for when pencil is too small to hold
  • N. Eraser sticks, great for adding and fixing details
  • O. Graphite Blender, to create an even blend
  • P. Tombow, graphite pencils, 2B 4B 6B
  • Q. Rotring 0.7 mechanical pencil (I only found in Japan)
  • Q. Prismacolor Lead Holder, I use 2H for sketching
  • R. Rotring rapidograph technical pens, for lining and building values
  • S. Photo Finish Glove, to decrease natural oils on working surface
  • T. Xacto pencil sharpener, great for travel
  • U. Winsor & Newton Series 7 Sable brush, hold more ink for longer
  • V. Arches Sable Brush
  • W. Non-photographic blue pencil, great for sketching
  • X. Uni-Ball white pen, for small corrections or white lines
  • Y. Turquoise, prsimacolor 2H lead refills
Pen Felt Mechanical Pencil Pen Brush Fine Ballpoint Pen Brush Fat Calligraphy Set Ultra Fine Mechanical Pencil 3 Mechanical Pencil 2 Pencil Set 6B Pencil Set 4B Pencil Set 2B Pencil Blue Smear Eraser Thin Eraser Fat Pen Selection Brush Thin Brush Wet

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